Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Logo #200: Journey

The scarab logo was illustrated by Alton Kelley and Stanley "Mouse" Miller in 1981 for the "Escape" album. Journey own a huge portion of the real estate in the San Francisco Bay area - what else would you do with all that money but invest? - and the Journey arcade game is one of the stupidest, toughest video games ever and I really hate it. Journey forms the soundtrack of much of my childhood, writing and drawing and being a kid in Saginaw MI. That, and listening to the answering machine at the drive-in because the trailer for "Friday the 13th Pt. II" was so absolutely terrifying that I had to hear it again. Dad, what's a "Caddyshack"? Also: PBS, humidity, hearing about some kid getting his intestines sucked out because he sat on the drain in the pool down at the park, hanging out at the old folks' home, and finding dirty magazines in the snow. But if I went back, 25 years later, it will all have changed, and so will my memories - such is the curse of adaptability in the human organism. Crummy adaptability! Only another thousand or so rock band logos left now - like the man said down at the gallows, hang in there!

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