Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Logo #183: Painslut

Created by Painslut founder Matthias "Matze" Erhard. Matze: "The logo was designed by me somewhere around 2003 and appeared the first time on a 7" release in 2004 named "This Is My War" on Steinklang Industries." A Google search for "painslut" brings up over 59,000 results, so be sure to get in on the ground floor for this exciting fetish today before everyone else knows about it. Painslut released a split cassette with Oregon experimentalist IDX1274 (in an edition of 22 - eat it, numerology!), the notes for which are as follows: "Each cassette was placed into a sandwich baggie and then into a two-tone stenciled paper bag, and each bag was personally huffed by IDX1274 after shooting a generous blast of spray paint inside to inhale."

The Song of the Moment is "Party Train" by The Gap Band, which boasts one of the most emotional and sentimental keyboard riffs coming out of the chorus of any song from the '80s.

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