Thursday, February 14, 2008

Logo #186: Nonhorse

G. Lucas Crane of Brooklyn experimental psych band Nonhorse: "The nonhorse logo was designed by me in 1998. I encountered the logo in a dream - actually a super bleak urban nightmare, post-apocalyptic style. Radioactive fashion zombies picked over the rubble for promotional Pepsi-embroidered leather jackets and such. I got mugged for the AA batteries in my pocket by injured skinheads in front of a huge partly-destroyed billboard. So, in the dream I was aware that it was some previously existing ad campaign that was rendered immediately useless when the bombs fell and the plague hit. That fact coupled with the perspective trick of the actual design combined to create an "information-paranoia-confusion" symbol of the transition in the mind and in the world from a ordered but superficial reality and a post-civilization chaotic natural state. For a while, the symbol itself was seriously bad luck for me. The "nonhorse" was some sort of evil thing, a malignant confusion created to sell but now taken on a horrible new meaning of non-thing-ness. Later, it was pointed out that the symbol also contains the word "yes," which I took to mean some subconscious contradiction on my part - my own brain vs. itself - the confusion being internal. About 2001, I started playing music under the name nonhorse. The original ideas involved in the dream and what the symbol became - a curse - were ideas I wanted to explore performance-wise. Sometimes when I'm in NYC, I play as "G. Lucas Crane vs. Nonhorse," which is a throwback to the dream. It's a little personal, and I don't talk about it a lot."

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