Saturday, February 23, 2008

Logo #196: Dead Can Dance

Designed by Vaughan Oliver in 1984 for the band's self-titled 4AD LP. A brilliant and simple logo loved by sticker bootleggers the world over, this and about fifty other decals like it were the tiles in the mosaic of alternative culture in the '80s that, like party lines created by telephone wires rubbing together, brought people together through serendipitous chance and giddy recognition. I know some people out there are just nuts for the firm of partners Brendan and Perry, but I just keep moving my shoulders. The records sure look nice, though. I'm more of a Renate Knaup / Popol Vuh fan, I guess. They did get some quality shots of the inside of the Mayfair Theatre in Santa Monica when the played there in 1994; these appeared on the "Toward the Within" DVD of a few years ago, so there's that.

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