Saturday, December 13, 2008

Doctor and the Medics: Logo #297

Clive Jackson {the Doctor of Doctor and the Medics} reports: "I designed the logo back in 1984, it's changed little since. First appeared on our "Happy But Twisted" EP in 1985 and continues to grace our backdrop and CDs to date!" Doctor and the Medics were a pop group that reflected pop back upon itself, distorting the features of an already warped dynamic by using liberal doses of grotesqueness, excessive makeup, high hokum and genuine fringe freakishness. Underrated in the wake of gilded arch-wackiness like Primus and Faith No More, they are to pop what Steve Martin is now to comedy: a visibly discomfited example of what once was.

Friday, December 5, 2008

The Dwarves: Logo #296

I received this nice note just the other day when I finally asked Blag Dahlia of The Dwarves where the band's "skull-and- crossboners" logo came from. "What a great question. It was drawn freehand by Jon Straus, a Chicago illustrator, way back in 1985. As 25 years of Dwarvishness looms, our logo keeps right on saying "Sex and Death Are Good!"

This Day in Death:
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (Jan. 27, 1756 – Dec. 5, 1791)
Karlheinz Stockhausen (August 22, 1928 - December 5, 2007)
Forrest J. Ackerman (November 24, 1916 - December 5, 2008)

One of my greatest joys in life was finally meeting Ackerman some years ago, when he was living in his Ackermansion in Los Angeles. God bless you, Forry. You helped save my young and aimless life.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Sacred Reich: Logo #295

Paul Stottler designed this gas-masked mutant (this just in: its name is "OD") for Arizona thrash metal band Sacred Reich in 1987. "For every release except "Heal," says Stottler. Ever been to Arizona? It's hot in Arizona. Seems like one of the heaviest spots on Earth to start a thrash metal band.

In related news, apparently there was a heavy metal mascot war. Somebody came.

anticon.: Logo #294

Shaun Koplow from the anticon. label: "The ant was designed by the great Aaron Horkey of Burlesque of North America. To my best knowledge, the first appearance was on our first 12" in 1999, "Anticon Presents Hip-Hop Music For the Advanced Listener." Pretty braggadocios title, eh? Oh the past! Aaron used to go by the name Abuse and designed the Rhymesayers / Atmosphere Headshots tape series art, among other things."