Monday, April 18, 2011

Interstitial #9: Number Nine...Number Nine...

Yes, now getting it ready and so on and so on. Some people, like American porn actress Viper, take three months to have their December deaths announced - I am nothing if not incredibly thorough.

Meanwhile - also in December - the passing of Judge Trev from Inner City Unit, who graciously provided the origin story of the band's logo way back in 2008. Meet your heroes at least once in your life - free of expectation and adulation, of course, let disappointment be your lifeblood forever after.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Interstitial #8: The Passings of the Past

One of my great manias is the making of lists. In the next couple days I'll do a round-up of who we lost in interesting culture in 2010. Occasionally it takes concerned relatives a few days to realize that they haven't heard from this recluse or that, like Stooges guitarist Ron Asheton's solitary demise in 2009. No one knows what day he died, precisely. Sad, true, etc. I suspect the coroner could have guessed, but he'd probably have had to ask the bugs.

Have a happy 2011. If you live, of course.