Thursday, February 21, 2008

Logo #194: Cólera

One of the oldest punk bands in Brazil, Cólera had their simple, blunt icon designed by band founder Edson Lopes "Redson" Pozzi in 1985. Redson: "I started to use the logo in 1985, for the "Pela Paz em Todo Mundo" LP (Ataque Frontal, 1986, Brasil). We did a European tour for this album: 56 concerts in ten countries. We were the first Brazilian rock band to tour out of the country." By the way, if you look at their website, "25 anos" just means they've been around for 25 years. It doesn't really mean that they have twenty-five assholes. Here they are now, in their very nicely crafted video for "Pela Paz." Warren Buffett is currently placing his monies in the Brazilian real. Shouldn't you?

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