Saturday, February 2, 2008

Logo #174: The Power Station

Based on dirty doodles by Duran Duran bassist John Taylor, the electric girl appeared on the "Some Like It Hot" release in 1985 (the video of which includes Robert Palmer propositioning a golden eagle, and Caroline "Tula" Cossey, the first transsexual to pose for Playboy; hence the odd extended shaving sequences). Self-described "awful pervert" Taylor's fantasy sketches were to form the public face of The Power Station, a pop supergroup whose ranks included Robert Palmer, drummer Tony Thompson, guitarist Andy Taylor and John Taylor (who I previously asserted were brothers but eagle-eyed readers have pointed out are not - thanks!). Not much chance of a reunion tour for this band - Palmer (January 19, 1949 – September 26, 2003) and Thompson (also of Chic, and Allah and the Knife Wielding Punks; November 15, 1954 – November 12, 2003) died within weeks of one another and Duran Duran's popularity abides. You couldn't turn on a radio in 1985 without hearing "Some Like It Hot" or "Bang a Gong" every fifteen minutes or so. It says something about Taylor's psyche that he simplifies a woman to her most basic parts: visors and electricity. Reductionist pig!

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Jemiah said...

Taylors not brothers. Basic Duran trivia.

Love the blog otherwise, though.