Monday, February 11, 2008

Interstitial #4: Charles Manson

As you may recall, Charles Manson's original painting of the scorpion that inspired the 666 Volt Battery Noise logo was undated. I wrote to Mr. Manson recently, inquiring about this, and received this rather interesting reply: "Today - yesterdeeds to day - tomorrow's yesterday to me; it's always been one day. While camping in a cabin after hard travel, I came upon a bed full of scorpions. I was too tired, so I just brushed them aside and went to sleep - woke up, never got stung. I said, "Thanks." Moved on; found one in my pants and later in prison I [unclear] they were my spirit friends. They're related to spiders, so (after) years in cells I just tied knots in strings and one day there it was - it made me - I made all kinds of stuff out of what I had. Mostly nothing, but when you're in the hole 39 years, you've got time. Some of the stuff I made, people can't look at - as if it's in the room where they are. The bug is a powerful life form. They see/feel things in ways we can't even dream."

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