Monday, February 11, 2008

Logo #181: Death

Designed by Charles Michael "Chuck" Schuldiner (May 13, 1967 – December 13, 2001) in 1984. What an intensely morbid blahg this has become lately! Well, fiddle-dee-dee - it's just a coincidence; conversely, there aren't many rock band logos that contain puppies or poppies or other cosmic manifestations of ur-cuddliness. The logo ultimately became slightly more ornate and detailed, like a bored student's Pee Chee folder doodled into oblivion. Chuck ultimately died of a brain-stem tumor. He was also the father of death metal. Talk about living the dream! Richard Christy, drummer on three LPs by Death, is one of our most gifted prank callers working today.


Christopher Appelgren said...

Your blog is amazing. I was able to learn that that Pushead created both Corrosion Of Conformity and The Exploited's logos as well as more heartbreaking details about Shawn Kerri's life and clicking off to read about Flipper's legendary theft of their master tapes from Subterranean Records' warehouse - which in the interview by Tim Yo is much less controversial than the version related to me in 92 by Sub terranean employee Phil. I've created a few band logos in my time and can only hope that one of them might make their way into your blog - which should really ultimately be made into a book. Rock art on, sir.

Unknown said...