Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Logo #89: Jurassic 5

Designed by Jurassic 5 bandmember Charlie "Chali 2na" Stewart in 1997. Perhaps their best-known hit is "What's Golden," the Bizarro-world analogue to Moloko's "Fun For Me," both running neck-and-neck in the wordplay sweeps. In case you find it difficult to keep score, 2na is the "verbal Herman Munster" on "What's Golden." Such a great line! In 2000, Jurassic 5's van skidded into a ditch and 2na came out of the experience with a titanium plate in his head and a closer bond with Allah (he's a Sunni Muslim). Yet any faith will come in handy now because Jurassic 5 is in the process of breaking up. Jurassic 5 member Zaakir, speaking to News of Australia, admitted, "Even though we do what we do, (that) doesn’t mean we’re the best communicators (emph. mine). For certain members, it’s been brewing for a while - I’ve heard in passing there are things that could have been brought up a long time ago about how people were feeling that weren’t said."

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