Sunday, October 21, 2007

Logo #85: Children of Bodom

Illustrated by Graham French, Roy the Reaper first appeared on the Finnish metallers' 1997 "Something Wild" LP. Roy is named for the scene in the 1991 film "Hot Shots!" during which Admiral Benson (played by Lloyd Bridges) is watching a painting. Most recently, Roy (or a reaper like him) manifested himself in the video game "Guitar Hero," playing his scythe like a guitar. You can just barely make out Roy's resemblance here to Max von Sydow; here, on the cover of the "Follow the Reaper" LP, he's a far more contemplative Reaper than Grim Reaper's Reaper - but is he a cheaper, deeper keeper of a Reaper? Fittingly, Children of Bodom is named after the unsolved multiple murders in 1960 at the shore of Lake Bodom in their hometown of Espoo, a city just west of Helsinki. Here they are with their brilliantly titled smash "Needled 24/7."

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