Saturday, October 13, 2007

Logo #75: HIM

The "heartagram" was designed by Ville Hermanni Valo of Finnish melodic heavy rock band HIM in 1996. To be precise, we are told, it was designed on 23 November 1996, the day after Valo's twentieth birthday. While HIM contains within it all the tiresome, traditional trappings of metal both heavy and Very, the fact that they've even tried to suggest that "love" be a part of metal is perhaps the most revolutionary concept since the lady suggested putting lemon in the dishsoap. "Kiss of Dawn" and "Killing Loneliness" are fairly emblematic - so to speak - of this idea, so here they are now. At the very least, HIM inspire so many twinkling panties that males, who are extortionately uncool in the face of it, will gnash their teeth and forge their own brilliant and insular worlds - worlds in which the cold comfort of "love metal" seems progressively less frigid at 20, 25, and 31 years of age.

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