Sunday, October 21, 2007

Logo #86: The Crüxshadows

Designed by frontman Rogue (born Virgil Roger du Pont III - yes, that du Pont) for the Florida goth multimedia band The Crüxshadows in 1993. Jessica Lackey, dancer with the group and future Mrs. Rogue, explains, "The symbol is a pictogram similar to a hieroglyph, although it is not related to any Egyptian hieroglyph (or) Chinese character. In the center of the symbol is a cross; "crux" is Latin for "cross." This cross is a Byzantine triple-bar cross. The white on the left is a symbol of light, and the black on the right is a symbol of shadow. The circles around the outside are the mathematical representations of a set within the set; hence a subculture. So, the symbol can be read to mean "the subculture of cross shadow" or "The Cruxshadows." Rogue made the original design with Wite-Out on black paper. We liked it enough to keep it for the last ten years!" du Pont: "The symbol for our band is a cross (a tri-bar Eastern Orthodox cross, to be precise) with a field of light on one side and a field of dark on the other. What is important here is the idea of exclusion - or outsiders - because when all is flooded with light, the cross will still render a shadow; a place the light can't reach."

They recently became the first goth band to play an open-air festival in China. What might Mao have made of goths? Workers or corpses, most likely.

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