Thursday, October 11, 2007

Logo #68: The Adicts

About Smart Boy Alex, the overall look for British punk band The Adicts and mascot gestalt for the band, Adicts Central reveals, "The Adicts logo and Image was designed by Pete ("Pee Dee" Davison, guitarist) of the band. The "Clockwork Orange" Imagery is a piece of each member of the band put into one mask, therefore it represents the band as a whole. Keith "Monkey" Warren the singer has developed the image over the years with different colours and slightly different strokes with his make-up, but one cannot get away from the original design. We aren't really sure when it first appeared, it was so long ago - maybe 1978! But it was when punk rock had lost its way, so we went with what we were into prior to it...the whole Image now has become known as "Ziggy's Bastard Son"." The longest-lived punk band with its original line-up, they tour incessantly and likely shall all be buried together in the same bowler hat. Here they are discussing what punk means to them. Has Malcolm McDowell ever gone to an Adicts live action? That would be a beautiful moment of total awareness, really. Add Lower Class Brats to the bill and you hit the cosmological trifecta!

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