Sunday, October 14, 2007

Logo #78: Fear Cult

Matt Riser, singer of Fear Cult explains, "I personally designed the logo (I have a BFA and do 99% of the Fear Cult design work). I'm not sure when I first used it; it wasn't on the 1994 demo tape, but it was on the 1996 "Your Darkest Romance" demo, and it was on fliers and such before that. Basically, it was created to represent Night Life... with the nocturnal wings of the bat and the Egyptian symbol of life... and I used to call it the "Night Life ankh." There was also a Fear Cult song on the the "Your Darkest Romance" album titled "Night Life (While You Were Sleeping)." Later, the logo was humorously renamed "The Bankh" (pronounced "bonk") by Fear Cult guitarist Van Shock as a mixture of bat + ankh. That name, sadly, stuck among bandmates and close friends."

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