Thursday, October 18, 2007

Logo #80: The Dickies

Dickies guitarist Stan Lee reveals, "A girl named Lori McAdams did that for us in '77 or '78. Very early on. Awesome logo, isn't it? Like the Monkees' guitar logo or the Milwaukee Brewers catcher's mitt, it's great as well." A friend of the band, McAdams was one of legions of friends who have, since the twilight of pop, been drafted into service crafting the public image of a band based on whether or not they could draw a straight line. Or, in this case of Holism lying limp, wouldn't. The Dickies use to have a keyboard player in Chuck Wagon (born Robert Elliott Davis, August 11, 1956 - June 6, 1981) until his untimely suicide, reportedly spurred by a messy break-up. They haven't used keyboards since. Somewhat relatedly, the day before he died, five men in Los Angeles were announced by the CDC to have a rare disease that would ultimately become known as AIDS.

In some respects, maybe Chuck was the lucky one.

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