Saturday, October 13, 2007

Logo #74: Dillinger Escape Plan

Graphic designer Jason Kernevich chats briefly before rocketing back to his wild blue yonders about this 2003 design for the band. "That logo was designed by Dustin Summers and myself almost 5 years ago. We run a design and illustration studio called the Heads of State. We did some tour merch for them back then and the logo originated as part of a t-shirt design." Dillinger Escape Plan play what is loosely termed as "mathcore" - which essentially means that they're fond of playing in 17/2 really really quickly. Just think of the heavy metal equivalent of those autistics who can solve Rubik's Cube with their genitals in 5.4 seconds. Kernevich and Summers are blithely modest about the implications of their logo: that, in the right hands, words have teeth and will arm the faithful in times when grace and elegance wither on the vine from an onslaught of the unnecessarily stupid. To wit: right now I gird myself with the lexicon of awareness and contemplation to reach that point at which I forget completely that She Who Shall Forever After Be Referred To As "So-And-So" entered my life in the first place. At its most base and basic, this episode casts aspersions on my character, as if to hold up to God and the Pantheon that I have intensely wretched taste in women if I am to choose someone like that who would fail and implode in such a reprehensible and nonsensical way.

Somewhat unrelatedly, the new Bloodhound Gang single "Screwing You On The Beach At Night" is on my short list of best songs of 2007. "I would show up for our pottery class / dressed like a pirate with John Waters' moustache / on a unicorn that shits your name in stars." This is the peerless caliber of James Franks' writing talent, toward which I bow in reverent reverie.

We find our respective escapes wherever we can.

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