Sunday, October 14, 2007

Logo #76: ALL

Karl Alvarez, bassist for Descendents and ALL - for which he designed the Allroy mascot in 1988 for their debut "Allroy Sez" LP - recently suffered a mild heart attack. A MySpace page (occasionally the corporation can be used for niceness and not for evil) for his health care fund sits here. It should be pointed out that The Ataris' mega-smash chart-topper "In This Diary" sounds a lot like ALL's "She's My Ex," a song from the EP of the same name. One of the more underrated mascots in the survey, Allroy exists as (not "in") an eternal state of overexcitable bliss and "all", aptly mirroring the manic energy of the band itself.

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Church said...

I caught them at a record store signing in Silver Spring right after they formed All, and I asked them, "Why 'All'?" They laughed and asked, "Why not?" I had them sign my army jacket (SO punk rock, you see) and they graced it with an Allroy doodle and the question, "Why not?"

(Great blog, BTW.)