Thursday, October 11, 2007

Logo #70: The Tubes

Designed by Matt Leach - most times credited as simply "Leach" - for The Tubes' 1981 album "The Completion Backwards Principle." Quite possibly the greatest rock music logo in the history of Home Depot. The album, based on the eponymous sales instruction manual, features guitar work by the redoubtable, deathlessly skilled Steve Lukather on "Talk To Ya Later," which also contains one of the best couplets in '80s popular music: "It's been six months / she hasn't shut up once." The Tubes would forever be remembered by the early MTV Generation for their terrifying video for "She's A Beauty" But don't fall in love, because it'll turn you into a kid with an old guy mask from the Halloween costume section at Gemco.

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robinmayhew1 said...

How can I reach Matt Leach?? I think I may know him from Lou Reed touring days.

Anyone please