Thursday, October 18, 2007

Logo #82: Wilt

James Keeler, he who do what thou Wilt, explains, "I think I had some photo manipulated image of a butterfly on the limited 1999 release "blackhole butterfly," but it wasn't a logo, just a graphic. I had created a logo back in 2003-2003 that used a silhouette of a black bird just up and right of the "t" in Wilt, and now I have a "black metal" version of the wilt logo. Not that we're black metal, but the sounds we have been doing more recently have been a bit more raw and dark than usual, hence the logo. I have designed all logos. I'm a designer professionally - Industrial Design and Graphic and Packaging Design." Gloomy but never glum, Wilt is James P. Keeler on bass, field recordings, pedals, mics, objects, sampler, short wave radio, synths, vocals, and viola, and Dan Hall on acoustic and baritone electric guitar, amps, field recordings, pedals and vocals. And what have you done today?

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