Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Logo #171: Maeror Tri

Stefan Knappe of metaphysically ecstatic band Maeror Tri: "It was an idea of Helge Siehl (now in the band Tausendschoen), probably back in 1987. He said he dreamt the "wheel" and just reproduced it from his dreams. The original idea was that it moves & blinks in different colours, and in different speeds, symbolizing the mind, like a paddle-wheel that moves through water (the water being the unconscious), swirling around consciousness material. As it had three sides, we thought it was perfect (as Maeror Tri had three members)." Knappe and third Tri member Martin Gitschel went on to form Troum, another group contemplating similar territory. Knappe's label Drone Records is one of the greatest independent record labels of all time; they release beautiful 7" records in more colors than there are in Heaven.

The Song of the Moment is "We Want Your Soul" by Adam Freeland.

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