Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Logo #142: Van Halen

Designed by Dave Bhang in 1978 for the "Van Halen II" LP. Van Halen were a band that just made you feel alive and young and happy to hear music again. The sun shone and people danced. I can't explain it any more than I can explain why I like pineapple. Hey, another logo? Yeah, I know what you're saying to yourself: "Come on, Dave - gimme a break!"

One break...comin' up!


Michael said...

It's not easy to describe them and why but you've definitely touched on it perfectly. And who needs everything neatly explained anyway? Happiest 2008 to you!

Yeshua shai said...

Van Halen set trends, didn't follow them. They were and are One of a Kind, a solely unique original. When you've got the best ever guitarist in a band with a dutch name because eddie and alex are part dutch, part indonesian, and the band name solely after ed really, maybe he wouldnt have called it his name if alex were not in the band, but even then you might as well call Roth, David Van Halen and Michael Van Halen, because they ALL are Van Halen. So Van Halen is a name, yes, but also so much more. They are one of a kind, solely unique, original, unlike any other. People could argue that michael anthony and alex van halen are easily replaceable, but not so-they each make up the 'flavor' of the band in their own way, these two balance out the other two-dave and eddie. With the flair, charisma, and overall giganticness of an incredible man and one of a kind frontman in David Lee Roth, and the goes without saying wonder of Eddie Van Halen, the simplicity of Michael Anthony and passion of Alex Van Halen, this band balances out perfectly. They're rock, not really hard rock, they're their own kind of unique rock, they're 'Van Halen' is the only way you can explain it. They're a fun band, if they were assholes they wouldve blown out a long time ago. Dave is a sweetheart, a perfect compliment to Eddie. There's so much I want to say about this band, its just you feel them, hard to put into words. Thank you, Van Halen, I love all you guys.