Friday, January 25, 2008

Logo #165: Negativland

Can you copyright the copyright symbol? This modern moneylender-table (which really would make a lovely end-table) was appropriated by Negativland in 1992. Mark Hosler of Negativland: "We first used it as a huge banner that we unfurled at the end of our live shows in 1992 or '93, and then we began using it on all our CDs. We use N©. and N©! on our work, and sometimes in a "logo-ish" fashion - though we stole that idea from a guy in England who stole our "Copyright Infringement Is Your Best Entertainment Value" idea to make shirts and buttons." Remember when the other cultural scandal of the '90s was U2 and Casey Kasem suing Negativland for that "U2" record they put out? Way to back up the artists on your roster, Greg Ginn - guess you were too busy working on solo albums like "Ginnspiracy" and "Out of Ginntrol" to care. By the way, speaking as someone who worked (vaguely) in radio many moons ago, it actually is kinda difficult to come out of an up-tempo song and go right into a death dedication. "These guys are from England and who gives a shit?!" does pretty much sum it up lately, though.

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nikolazrble2 said...

Lol, looks like the logo of fictional CAPSULE Corporation of manga & anime Dragon Ball series