Sunday, January 6, 2008

Logo #148: Green Jellö

Euck, mascot for Green Jellö, was designed in 1981 by the heavy metal / Grand Guignol band's founder Bill "Moronic Dictator" Manspeaker. As heavy metal mascots go, Euck is routinely dismissed if not outright forgotten, but not this time. Just imagine vast hordes of Eucks swarming around a 60-ft. tall Eddie as that interdimensional wall splits open and all these mascots come invade Earth and everyone weeps. Euck looks more than just a little like '70s poison control campaigner Mr. Yuk, whose theme song of his is almost as much an earworm as Green Jellö's "Three Little Pigs". Mr. Yuk was created by Wendy Brown, a little girl at a school near Pittsburgh Children's Hospital, for their poison control center. She won a tape recorder for her efforts. Probably a Tandy.

"Three Little Pigs" was the song from which there was no escape in 1993 and at the very least, its success kept them from the terror of having to battle Wally George alongside G-War on "The Hot Seat." Poor Wally. He would have been positively apoplectic if faced with both bands' alternate number, Caroliner Rainbow. Strike them hard, drag them to church, indeed.

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