Sunday, January 27, 2008

Logo #166: The Monkees

Screen Gems publicity man Ed Justin came up with the idea for the Monkees' guitar logo and paid Nick LoBianco, lunchbox designer extraordinaire, $75 to illustrate it in 1966. Another Holist masterpiece, with the sweet touch of making the tuning pegs out of hearts. Just like life! The Monkees' comeback during the '80s was really bizarre in its intensity - but it happened during a time in which there was seemingly room for practically everyone on MTV, including The Monkees. They were the top concert draw of 1986. Take that, Bruce Springsteen! But, of course, like the Wacky Wallwalkers craze a few years earlier, over-saturation leads to stagnation and decline. Randi Massingill's biography of the band, "Total Control," is well worth a read. Monkee Mike Nesmith produced "Repo Man" and had no need to take part in reunions as such - his mom invented Liquid Paper!


Senor Pescador said...

one of my best friends Rick Klein R.I.P.
was their manager for years, great guy, he told me about this over beers as nmy neighbour he was in Playa san Diego El Salvador

Marie Cox said...

One of the most clever logos ever. The Monkees are back again on a 50th Anniversary tour with a very impressive new album. Perfect for summer. One note - it's a common assumption that Mike Nesmith doesn't tour with them because he's not interested. Nothing could be farther from the truth. He's expressed in a number of interviews that he would love to but their tours often coincide with other commitments that he has. In 2016 he is involved in a book on contract but intends to do at least one if not more gigs on the tour at the end of the summer when it comes to California.