Thursday, January 10, 2008

Logo #151: Social Distortion

Social Distortion (a.k.a. "Social D", not to be confused with "Sunny D") had their "Skelly" debauched skeleton logo drawn by Mackie "Mac" Osborne, wife of Melvins' Buzz Osborne, in 1983. Chris Reece, original Social Distortion member, reveals that Mac drew the Skelly logo for the "Mommy's Little Monster" LP, 1983. An earlier logo, that of the smiley drunk wearing a fedora, was doodled by Mike Ness in 1982. It appeared on the band's flyers and on the "1945" 7". Reece made a Skelly stencil for the roadgear cases, then t-shirts and a bumper sticker in 1986. Finally! Now you have something to talk about with the guy at the tattoo parlor while he inks these on you!

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