Monday, January 21, 2008

Logo #161: The Vandals

Designed by the late Mike Doud in 1982 for the "Peace Thru Vandalism" EP. Later versions of the record credit "Fritz Quadrata" and "Art Bad" as having contributed to the artwork. This is Fritz. I couldn't make it as a punker, either. Vandals drummer and bassist Joe Escalante Esq. has been embroiled in various legal battles with former Vandals over management of the back catalogue and credits where credits otherwise might ordinarily be due. And yet they seem so happy and carefree when you listen to the records! Of course the irony of someone who became a lawyer, embraced a particular kind of normalcy in modern life and made an investment out of songs like "Anarchy Burger," is almost too richly evocative for words.

Dearly departed Vandals: Todd Barnes (October 13, 1965 - December 6, 1999) and Steven R. "Stevo" Jensen (April 29, 1959 - August 20, 2005).

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BOB SAKOUI said...

Like the idea of this site, would be great if the page was much longer, so you can see say 10 or 20 logos per page.

Also, why not do other kinds of music logos, jazz logos, electronica logos etc...

anyway interesting stuff!