Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Logo #150: Flipper

Drawn by guitarist Ted Falconi in 1979. Flipper, now with Krist Novoselic of Nirvana on bass, are almost done with a new album. Former singer Richard "Ricky" J. Williams (October 5, 1956 - November 21, 1992), bassist John Dougherty (April 20, 1961 - October 31, 1997), and bass-playing singer Will Shatter (June 10, 1956 - December 9, 1987) were at press time unavailable for comment. Back in 1993, the big scandal making the rounds was Rick Rubin's wresting the Flipper back catalog away from Steve Tupper at Subterranean, who released their first records and felt righteously justified in fighting back. What ever happened with that? Purportedly, for years after Flipper broke up, their logo was still visible all over San Francisco (much like Black Flag's was in Los Angeles). It's probably still there in places, buried under decades of smudges and paint and evolution. Mitzi, the dolphin who played Flipper on the television series, died in 1972 and is buried in Florida. Rock'n'roll, on the other fin, shambles vibrantly onwards.

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Robert Cass said...

Witty, insightful write-up. Thanks for the laughs!