Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Logo #35: Fishbone

Designed by Fishbone producer David Kahne about six months before the first Fishbone EP (the one featuring "Party at Ground Zero", a single which featured dialogue in its fading moments that immediately perked up fans of the film "Kentucky Fried Movie"). Kahne: "I made that logo in MacPaint on the first Mac. I had done a demo with them (I was working at Columbia at the time) and wanted a special demo package instead of the normal Columbia in-house labels. So I made that logo, did the titles, ran some xerox copies, cut 'em out and put them in the cassette boxes. I knew there was going to be resistance to the signing, so I was doing my best to make it special. There was big resistance, especially from the Black Music Department (as it was called at the time - yikes), but I got them signed anyway. About six months later, a guy passed me on a bicycle and the logo was on his bicycle cap. When the Berlin Wall fell, someone from Germany sent me a photo of a section of wall that had a Fishbone logo on it. The humble icon had grown up."


Sarah Trotsky said...
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Future Trash said...

That's RAD! When I was in a "graphics" class in highschool in the 80's I used an very early all-in-one Mac to recreate that logo in MacPaint! I silkscreened it on t-shirts, though the teacher made me take off :"Lyin' Ass Bitch" from the screen, where I had listed the EP's songs. Thanks for a great blog!!