Thursday, August 16, 2007

Logo #27: Jawbreaker

Jawbreaker's logo was appropriated in 1989 from designer - and founding father of modern gymnastics - Friedrich Ludwig Jahn (August 11, 1778 – October 15, 1852), who created it circa 1846. Comprised of four F's, it's shorthand for the credo "Frisch, Fromm, Fröhlich, Frei" ("Hardy, Pious, Cheerful, Free") - although anyone who's gone through any amount of gymnastics training might imagine they had in fact been crucified by the end of the day. Jahn invented the balance beam, horizontal bar, parallel bars, and vaulting horse - the forms of which can be seen in this particular sigil. A pushy, stubborn loudmouth, Jahn was exiled from Berlin in 1825 and, not coincidentally, was a fit sumbitch. Jawbreaker broke up in 1996 after almost a decade of impassioned, literary hardcore punk rock. What was the last discipline you invented?

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