Thursday, August 23, 2007

Logo #32: Faith and the Muse

William Faith muses about the symbol adopted in 1994 by gothic atmosphere merchants Faith and the Muse: "The symbol embodies in itself the dual nature of mankind - the human animal, as it is, has been, and always will be. (It's) an acknowledgment of the refined side, as well as the animal within: good and evil, love and hate, birth and death, laughter and sorrow, light and shade - and, in our case, 'Beauty and Beast.' One cannot exist without the other, and the symbol is a reminder of that - too many people blind themselves to one side or the other, and the symbol is there to remind them to always think twice. The symbol appears in all our work as it's the best representation of what we do." It's easily turned into a sticker or the base for a pattern on one's camouflage backpack - but the aforementioned is purely a fuzzy pop culture pantomime on matters good-and-evil, fundamentally at odds with Catholic belief (Mel Gibson et alia notwithstanding) when it comes to inverted crosses. And they know their crosses! St. Peter was crucified on an inverted cross, his martyrdom a matter of choice when it came to modes of suffering. Eventually, Peter got a Basilica out of it and Caravaggio was still Caravaggio. Chalk one up for Stryper.

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