Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Dr. Know: Logo #20

Drawn by future "Love and Rockets" graphic blandisher Jaime Hernandez in "1981 or early 1982," the good folks at Dr. Know tell us, "The supposed woman he based the girl on is Dinah Cancer from 45 Grave." Jaime's brother Ismael, who designed the similarly seminal Nardcore logo (on a Pee-Chee folder, naturally), plays bass in Dr. Know, a band of many logos: the girl, another girl, the Rx symbol of an understandably mortified pharmaceutical industry, the spider in the "o" in Dr. Know. It wouldn't seem as if Oxnard - town of eternal ridicule on "The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson" - would spawn that much interesting art, but three musical styles were nurtured within its borders: turntablism (via DJ Babu), Nardcore (via Dr. Know) and literalism (via me, with one convenient location, member FDIC).

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