Monday, August 20, 2007

Logo #30: Soulfly

Designed by longtime Samoan tattoo artist and sometime modern primitive Leo Zulueta in 1998 for Sepultura mainman Massimiliano "Max" Cavalera after he decided strike out on his own with Soulfly in 1997. The conventional wisdom among tattoo aficionados is that one should never get a band logo tattoo because it's so transitory a statement - but what about a band logo designed by a tattoo artist? Evocative of a tribal shield, it's a constant in a band that changes musicians as often as it travels through musical styles: metal, thrash, world music, deep groove. They are also quite possibly the heaviest thing to come out of Phoenix since the video game and the comic book mutant who has the power of tacky housing subdivisions and used car lots.

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