Monday, August 13, 2007

Logo #25: Dead Milkmen

I realize that it may be a tad soon after the Inspiral Carpets cow to include another cow, but it's my birthday and I'm feeling generous. Why couldn't they be best-friend cows? Designed by Dead Milkmen drummer Dean "Dean Clean" Sabatino, it first appeared in 1983. Funny and simple, it suggests a simpler time, during which America was gripped by "The Far Side" fever, and any gag with a cow or a dinosaur was immediately brilliant. When Dave Blood (born Dave Schulthise, September 16, 1956 - March 10, 2004) died, after living an entirely different life in Serbia until the '99 NATO bombing, it was pretty much over for a punk rock band that created about a half-dozen truly great pop songs and made a lot of weird people really happy for over twenty years. Who could ask for anything more? Apart from the thing about Dave Blood still being alive, I mean.

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