Monday, August 27, 2007

Logo #34: Love and Rockets

Designed in 1985 by Love And Rockets - Daniel Ash, Kevin Haskins, and David J - for the "Ball Of Confusion" single and used until the demise of the band in 1999. It's a singular, instantly recognizable emblem of a band that represented the absolute best of what the genre of gothic rock could be: its raw, (usually) untapped potential to evolve and improve and cover everything stylistically from Motown to psychedelia to heavy metal and, ahem, bees. It's very very strange to contemplate the progression from the bleakness of the whitewalled, remote Thatcherite England of the '80s to Daniel Ash playing records in a skunky dive bar in Ojai, California. Love & Rockets released about six truly great pop songs during their career - the kind of music that almost hurts physically to hear due to sheets of goosebumps running riot across the skin because the songs are so endlessly beautiful.

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