Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Logo #31: Public Enemy

Now it can be told! Chuck D: "I designed it in 1986. As a graphic graduate, I did it as a combo of two former groups. When the Public Enemy group and concept was signed to Def Jam in 1986, I simply moved the logo from the other dormant situation to PE. It was tightened up for the upcoming ads and album "Yo! Bum Rush The Show" in 1987 by New York artist Eric Haze. For the longest time, rumors had said it was a state trooper in the target scope, but the truth was it was a b-boy of that time where fedoras and Kangols were the hats of choice. I silhouetted E-Love, LL Cool J's right-hand man, in a fanzine named "Right On" with Magic Marker, X-acto-knifed it out then layed a target scope over it, using Wite-Out within the blackened figure. After some runs through the copier - presto."


tintarchive said...

It always looked like a b-boy to me.

And I love this blog, sir.

Pau MF said...

I though it was a former member of the Black Panthers, before this revelation in your blog.


Mir said...

I always thought it was a cowboy representing white folks as being in the crosshairs. I am glad to know the truth.