Sunday, December 30, 2007

Logo #140: Guana Batz

Pip Hancox from UK psychobilly band Guana Batz: "Our logo was designed by a female follower of the band named Pepper in about 1983. I don't think we appreciated at the time how good it was, but it still always outsells any other t-shirt design we produce. I don't even think Pepper was her real first name, but that's all I knew her by. Cute girl, though!" Pepper, what moves you today! If you're wondering why the name "Guanabatz" wasn't excised, just think of it as guano that the bat has so artfully left behind before flying away. A fairly extensive history of the band can be found here; most of the members of the band have decamped for San Diego and occasionally collaborate with members of Stray Cats as Guana Cats(!). Here they are now, performing "Night Watch," their signature yelping taking them places more vividly than any echolocation could.

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