Monday, December 10, 2007

Logo #128: Scissor Sisters

Designed by Scissor Sisters' guitarist Scott "Babydaddy" Hoffman in 2001. Hoffman: " was sort of the first couple of days (together as a band), and we decided to record music, and Jake {Shears} had the name on the tip of his tongue. He told it to me, and I made the logo the next day. It was sort of done and made sense. And then we performed." Elegant in its simplicity and faintly chortlesome in its double-entendre (the band is named for a particular sexual position not involving genital mutilation), it's a logo for a group who are, we are told, infinitely more popular in Europe than the United States - which is fine, because as with most artists who are prophets in their own time, the bread's better, the natives are more interesting and they have more money. Not that our nail salons and frozen yogurt stands aren't lovely - and there's Disneyland on both coasts now. It's happenin'!

Allegations surfaced online in 2008 as to the provenance of the Scissor Sisters' logo: "Actually, this logo is a rip-off of an Argentine cartoonist named Quino (who is adored by millions of Spanish-speaking folk outside of the U.S.). In the cartoon - circa 1978 - a group of censors are cutting film with furrowed brows. One of the censors looks mortified as he imagines his scissors with babe legs. The Scissor Sisters' logo is the drawing in the censor's thought bubble."

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