Saturday, December 1, 2007

Logo #120: Sodom

German thrash merchants Sodom had their mascot drawn for them by Johannes Beck in 1987. His name is Knarrenheinz. Founding vocalist / bassist Tom Angelripper originally began the band in 1982 to escape the grind of the coal mines of the West German city of Gelsenkirchen for a grind of another kind entirely. As the Cold War was in full frost at the time, the concept of the faceless, gas-masked soldier drifting through war-torn, apocalyptic landscapes doubtlessly made sense on multiple levels. It's a heavy metal mascot with context, relevance and personal investment - hampered slightly by the general overall peace of the '90s - but now invigorated through a whole new series of conflicts. Sodom's latest album, "The Final Sign of Evil," appeared in autumn of 2007. One of their recent visual memes, that of a chainsaw and chaingun aiming from the darkness from their self-titled 2006 SPV LP, produced by Eroc(!), the drummer from Kosmische(?!) band Grobschnitt(%), is very powerful indeed. Great stuff!

Whither goeth cover band Gomorrah?

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LionD'Art said...

looks like darth vader