Friday, December 28, 2007

Interstitial #3: Whitehouse

William Bennett of Edinburgh writes: "I know it fucks up the cute intro rather, but the Come Org. logo was designed in early '82 (subsequently retired along with the label in early '85). Also, to describe the logo (that was for example present on releases by SJ, MB and several others, also in Kata magazine, and on but a single Whitehouse LP) as a "Whitehouse logo" is definitely misleading ("inextricably linked" is a cop-out) - Whitehouse never had a "logo." Nevertheless, it's nice to have #100, so I thank you for that." - WBx

In other, more obvious plaudits, Fimoculous has bestowed upon this humble Internet pipe the honor of place #25 in their "Best Blogs of 2007 That You Maybe Aren't Reading" year-end round-up. Although, if you're reading this, maybe you just aren't reading more into it. Project early and often! If not for morbid and gnawing narcissism, I'd have never known about it to begin with, so thanks to Rex Sorgatz at Fimoculous for the gentle tug.

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