Saturday, December 8, 2007

Logo #126: Turbonegro

Turbonegro's leather-daddy cap was (possibly) designed by founding rhythm guitarist Rune "Rebellion" Grønn in 1988 or so {he left the band in later October of this year}. The Management in Norway: "I managed to speak to Rune about this and it turns out that there is no interesting story about the logo - he can't even remember where/when it came from, but it was back in the '80s when they were pretty new..." How many of these logo designers' identities and stories will be lost to the sands of time? How can one know that seemingly minuscule effects of one's actions at the time will still be interesting and impactful decades later? And why is Asian Dub Foundation so deeply recalcitrant to tell me who designed their logo?

One option is to consider almost every gesture and action as something grandiloquent and worthwhile. For example, touring Norway in 2001, I was the first person in recorded history to introduce the throwing of shoes tied by their laces over telephone wires to the city of Oslo. Now it's a pointless, hilarious practice sweeping a puzzled and gorgeous nation. Oaks, acorns, etc.

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