Saturday, December 1, 2007

Logo #119: Sisters of Mercy

Drawn by Henry Gray in 1858 for the "Gray's Anatomy" textbook of relevant medical matters. Appropriated by Andrew Eldritch in 1980. Sisters of Mercy have about six really and truly great songs. Former Sisters of Mercy bassist Patricia Morrison was Pat Bag of Los Angeles punk legends The Bags in a former life; she married Dave Vanian from The Damned and they had a little baby and lived happily ever after. Big money, no Whammies, etc. Sisters of Mercy haven't had a new album out in years, but that's inversely proportionate to the devotion with which fans have lavished upon them for almost three decades. Somewhat similarly, the arrows on the head on the logo are the direction in which the flesh can most easily be peeled away during removal from the body.

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