Saturday, September 22, 2007

Logo #58: Stray Cats

The downright lowdown, straight from Stray Cats Central: "Slim Jim Phantom's first tattoo in 1980 was the Teddy Boy Stray Cat which he has on his left forearm. Jim and Brian Setzer went the same day to tattoo artist Bob Roberts, and between them they drew up the cat's head design. Brian had just the head tattooed on his arm but Jim wanted a whole body. The cat's head design became the official logo of the Stray Cats. Early copies of the band's debut self-titled album contained bonus stick-on tattoos of the Stray Cats logo. Regarding the "official" name of the logo, the three Stray Cats refer to it as the "Cat's Head"." When the Stray Cats showed up in the early '80s, they were a breath of fresh air after a cultural tank full of the nitrous oxide of New Romantics, New Wave and the New Wave of Brutish Heavy Metal. Strangely, they've been around longer than the '40s and '50s actually lasted; they show no signs of stopping so long as there's still the kind of "Miller Time" that doesn't make it into the commercials.

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