Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Logo #53: Discharge

Actually the face of Discharge drummer Terry "Tezz" Roberts, this image appeared in 1977, during the first incarnation of the band, when Tezz was the vocalist. Word from Discharge Central is that, due to "family commitments," Tezz is no longer playing drums, so Dave Bridgewood from Broken Bones (whose logo we will cover a bit later and whose guitarist, Tony "Bones" Roberts, co-founded Discharge) takes over the drumstool. Inspiring scores of punk bands with names beginning with "Dis-" (much as the bands on the SST label in Southern California nicknamed themselves by adding "-o" the ends of their first names), the band also furthered the rhythmic and aesthetic conceit known as "D-Beat," which deals with apocalyptic nuclear visions and a driving beat used as a blueprint by later hardcore bands around the world. As punk band logos go, it's unparalleled in its ability to inspire curiosity - slathered on a thousand crusty denim back-patches, just who is "Anarchy Face," and was he mercilessly teased throughout the playground with taunts of "Anarchy Face! Anarchy Face!"? Well, now you know - and that's one to grow on!

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ISEN TORR said...

It wasn't Tez's face, it was taken from a book "Images of WWII", the Tez's face is urban myth