Friday, September 14, 2007

Logo #39: Cocteau Twins

Consider the lilies: the beskirted girl springs up on a handstand and becomes, forever after, a simulacrum of the calla lily. It's the perfect way to return to the survey, after these few lamentably lame weeks of turmoil and annihilated love. Such was the traumatic drama from the near past tense from your now happily less-tense narrator. Would that I were just another Watcher like UATU, with no personal struggles to report - just writing about rock band logos calmly through the rest of mine days. But even dictionaries are written by individual adult human beings, each with their own foibles and frailities. Some of them may like chocolate milk. Some of them may have killed. One never knows. At any rate! The Cocteau Twins logo was designed in 1982 by Nigel Grierson, formerly one-half of design consortium 23 Envelope (with Vaughan Oliver), the public face of flashy, filigreed record label 4AD. Grierson: "I designed that sleeve and logo. It was a single called "Lullabies," first released in 1982. However, I'm not sure if the logo first appeared on the album "Garlands," which again I designed and which I think may have come out first. I suppose the girl on the This Mortal Coil sleeves was a logo in this sense. She had nothing to do with the music yet was always on the sleeves - she was just someone Ivo (Watts-Russell, 4AD founder) and I both knew and we both admired her looks!"

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