Monday, September 17, 2007

Logo #49: HammerFall

This is Hector. He's a warrior. Not the "shootin' at the walls of heartache" kind of warrior. The other kind. He was designed for Swedish very metal band HammerFall by noted genre illustrator Andreas Marschall in 1997 for their debut album "Glory to the Brave". For their fourth album, "Crimson Thunder," the nameless knight's entire sense of self was momentarily endangered - not by Eddie or Snaggletooth or Chaly, but by a contest by band to come up with a name for the stalwart slayer. A global “Name The Warrior" contest was held to give him a new identity; votes from the Maldives were rejected amid controversial accusations of ballot-stuffing. This existential cliffhanger seemed to please the two-dimensional death-dealer - and so he smiles... knowing that the day of HAMMERFALL is soon at hand! That, and because drawings who don't know what it is to touch can never really be hurt.

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