Friday, September 14, 2007

Logo #41: .calibre

Daniel Mies, frontman for Belgian hardcore outfit .calibre, designed this attractively simple and immediate logo in 2000. Mies: "We developed it to be an anti-logo, designed to supercede multinational logos. It's a graphic interpretation of the barrel of a gun and the bullet in the chamber. By slapping it on top of a logo (preferably by means of a spraypaint can), it emphasizes the oppressive nature of corporate industries, networks and politics. We were just a band trying to convey the obvious - until we split, that is. I guess internal band politics got the best of us. You should check out the logos of huge multinational corporations and how they are often based on the symbolism described in archaic occult teachings. Quite impressive." Ironically - but likely on purpose - their WEA album was called "Killthelogo." From the phoenix-infested ashes comes their latest band, A School For Quiet.

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