Saturday, March 29, 2008

Logo #220: ZZ Top

Questions to ZZ Top from Stuttering John: "Since you look Jewish, why don't you call yourselves ZZ Dreidel?", "In a pinch, would you wipe with your beard?", and "Does Sinead O'Connor give you a boner?" Designed by Tom Hunnicutt in 1983 for the cover of the "Eliminator" LP, one of the best rock albums of all time. Ever. Bar none. Hands done. Carte blanche. And so on. ZZ Top singlehandedly rule the keychain market. There's no other rock band keychain worth buying other than ZZ Top's. It has a saga behind it. It has context. Why bother with anything less? That it has not been shot into the cosmos on any extra-solar missions is a crime second only to the new Balenciaga line. Or Jennifer Connelly's breast reduction surgery. Whichever.

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