Saturday, March 15, 2008

Logo #211: Lords of the New Church

The Lords were: Brian James (of The Damned), Dave Tregunna (of Sham 69), Nicky Turner (The Barracudas), Stiv Bators (born Steven John Bator, of The Dead Boys; October 22, 1949 - June 2, 1990). Brian James: "The dagger was designed by Graham Humphreys for the cover of the first Lords of the New Church album in 1982, and became our emblem." The "supergroup" concept was popular throughout the '80s, including Power Station, and about five years after the first Lords LP, The Traveling Wilburys. James and Tregunna reformed the band about five years ago and they continue to work their old magic hither and yon. Forget what I just said about not casting your logo into a physical implement of death and near-death - this clip for "Dance With Me" (hosted by two skinheads!) features the actual dagger being twirled about occasionally. But does the knife cry when it enters the skin?

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